Need For Speed Payback Will Feature Endless Customization Options

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It's as if the designers behind your favorite cars handed you the design pen.

As if Need For Speed Payback wasn't exciting enough already, having previously been responsible for leaking out the new BMW M5 before its official release date, a new promo has hit the Internet detailing one of the game's more exciting features. That would be the seemingly endless ways in which you can customize each car in the game, going beyond the usual routine of offering hundreds of bodykits, rims, spoilers, paint options, and more to include parts that can be shaped by the gamer.

It's like having the designers of cars like the Nissan 370Z or BMW M4 GTS hand you the design pen and say, "here, you give it a try." If any other next-gen models happen to be revealed in the game (BMW may want to peel the wraps off of the M8 here) then NFS Payback should be nice way for future owners to render their modifications.

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Like any good game, the full array of customization options aren't available right off the bat. What's the fun in that anyways? Instead, players must unlock parts and customization abilities by playing the game, winning races and exploring the road less travelled to uncover special new cars. Don't get too carried away, there are cars to drive in real life too.

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