Neiman Marcus Releases Two Rolls-Royces For You And Your Spouse

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Think of them as the most expensive couple's gift in the world.

Every year, Neiman Marcus releases its Christmas book containing the best gifts for the holiday season. The book always contains a fantasy section, which is home to the most lavish gifts. There have been some amazing cars in the catalog in previous years, like an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante that was customized by Q. Last year featured a gold Infiniti Q60 Sport 400, but this year the company has gone all out with a pair of limited edition Rolls-Royce Dawns priced at a whopping $885,375.

That nearly $1 million price tag will get you two special edition Rolls-Royce Dawn models, each with its own unique color scheme. The two cars are named after two luxury destinations, Lake Como and Saint-Tropez. The Lago di Como Dawn is painted in Coniston Blue with a Selby Grey and Black interior made entirely of hand-sewn leather, complemented by brushed aluminum. The Saint-Tropez Orange Dawn has a Seashell leather interior with Canadel open-pore wood. Individually the Lago di Como costs $439,625 and the Saint-Tropez costs $445,750, which is around $100,000 more than a base Dawn.

With the purchase of either car, $1,000 will be donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. We aren't nit picky when it comes to charity, but $1,000 seems like a very small amount given the insane price tags of the cars. If we just dished out almost $900,000 on matching Rolls-Royces, we'd expect a more significant amount of that money to go to charity. Other than the special color combinations (which could probably be replicated), these Dawns are no different than any other, and come with a 563-horsepower twin-turbo V12 engine. If you and your significant other are looking for matching cars that are extremely exclusive, then Neiman Marcus and Rolls-Royce have you covered.

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