"Neither Rain, Nor Snow…": Forza 6 Has Awesome New Weather To Crash In

New trailer promises lots of puddles and a big slippery mess.

With the latest yet quite similar version of the popular racing game about to be released for Xbox One on September 15th, Forza Motorsport's developers have come up with a hot new way of selling their game: cold and wet weather. Pursuing true-to-life simulations of various weather settings with the help of Josef Newgarden, Forza says that the next edition will now offer wet racing conditions – "the great equalizer" – with dry and wet conditions available on 148 unique driveable surfaces.

As players fight to combat slippery roads and avoid puddles, this should add a whole new layer of fun, and quite a few crashes, to the popular game. Check out the trailer to see if you're ready to get splashed:

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