Neo-Chrome Godzilla is a 600-HP Masterpiece


Stunning bodywork and wheels are just the tip of the modifications iceberg.

Underneath the gorgeous Neo-Chrome Plasti Dip paint job is a Nissan GT-R bursting with modifications. The list of upgrades is extensive. Visually, Godzilla has received a dry carbon engine cover, fender vents, cowl cover, and coolant overflow cover – all by Speed for Sale. APR Performance provided the carbon front splitter and rear spoiler, and Rexpeed the carbon mirror covers, while a set of 20-inch Vossen VF2 alloys finished in Gloss Graphite round off the primary exterior mods.

Inside, there’s suede rear seats, a four-point roll-cage, and Takata five-point harnesses. SSP supplied the bulk of the performance mods, including a full rear-wheel drive conversion, catless downpipes, four-inch catless Y-pipe and catback race exhaust, and a front mount intercooler.

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Other upgrades range from Kaizen Tuning Sakura Performance intake package to Tial’s 44-mm blow-off-valves, FIC 1000 cc fuel injectors and a custom tune by Jack Cecil. Mustang Dyno tested the GT-R at 605 hp and 598 lb-ft of torque. SSP also transformed the transmission with a host of upgrades including a 800-hp clutch package, while brakes and suspension were given a serious overhaul with Deka/Nitron supplying a five-way race suspension, Whiteline providing new sway bars, anti-lift kit and adjustable end links, and Top Secret the car’s high-performance brakes.