Nevada Cop Threatens Speeding German Tourist With Time In Local Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison

"Your ass will be hurting for a month."

Following the good cop from down under comes this bad cop from Nevada. Secretly filmed after being pulled over, watch this German tourist receive a mouthful of xenophobic abuse from the police patrolman, who quite clearly has some latent homosexuality issues. When discovering the driver of the convertible is from Germany, it’s like a switch goes off in the cop’s head. Calling him “Germany boy” the cop asks “Why are you driving in my country boy?”

After reminding him this isn’t the Autobahn, he enlightens the “nice little boy” that if he gets thrown in jail for reckless driving “his ass will be hurting for a month.” Luckily for the German speeder, the cop gets called away but departs with some sage advice: “slow down or you will get violated,” no doubt dreaming of such a scenario that very night.

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