Nevada Has Just Made It Illegal To Drive Slow In The Passing Lane

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Can we get a Hallelujah?

The plight of the gearhead is painfully clear when taxiing into the airport of a big city like Los Angeles where CARB is the only thing keeping smog warnings from being just another fact of life. That's because every road, especially arterial ones, is jam packed with cars waiting for their turn to crawl forward a few inches. What a nightmare, one bad enough you'll wish that you'd wish everything would disappear and you'd wake on on the German Autobahn.

Contrary to popular gearhead belief, it's not the speed limit-free zones that make the Autobahn an international automobile tourist attraction, it's the German logic behind its organization. On the Autobahn, the left lane is for passing only. The only justification for camping there is if you're sailing well past 150 mph and even then, it's wise to check the rear-view mirror to make sure a Bugatti isn't inching up at 230 mph. That rule has unfortunately not been one of Germany's exports to America, but according to KTNV, at least and at long last there's a US state trying to make a change in that direction. That would be none other than Nevada, the state that houses Sin City.

In a state where prostitution, public drinking, and gambling is allowed, it's now prohibited to drive slower than the speed limit in the passing lane. While we're all collectively singing hallelujah and planning trips to Nevada, it's important to make note of the fact that this rule wasn't only done to appease the enthusiasts flooding in and out of the state for the SEMA show. Camping in the passing lane is dangerous as it encourages cars traveling at faster rates of speed to zig-zag in and out of their lanes in attempts to get around slower cars. In the short term, it's a danger to all road goers and in the long run, the practice clogs up traffic behind the weaving cars, causing more frustration, inefficiency, and at worst, accidents. Thank you Nevada.

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