Nevada Prisoners are Bringing Classic Cars Back to Life

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A Nevada prison is giving their inmates the chance to restore vintage cars. Don't use this as an excuse to go out and get arrested.

This past week The Wall Street Journal reported on an innovative operation that is perhaps one of the most creative uses of captive labor in the correctional institution's history. Diversifying from the production of license plates, Nevada's Southern Desert Correctional Center has set up a body shop from where medium security inmates work restoring old cars, whose mantras include: "Built with Conviction" and "We Have the Time to Do it Right."

The auto job "is not like any old prison job," says inmate Mr. Michael Levi Fuller, five years into a 12-year stretch. From 1960s Corvettes through a 1959 Thunderbird to a 1935 Chevy pickup, there are 32 cars currently in the auto shop's inventory and those fortunate enough to be on the program, including murderers and lifers, are picking up some great skills and putting their time to good use. "Just being involved in a program like this in prison, well it's amazing," said Mr. Fuller. We couldn't agree more. Photos courtesy of Silver State Industries

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