Never Answer Your Cellphone in the "World's Lightest Car"

If a minor bump can flip your car, you're better off with two hands on the wheel.

Few things tempt human nature as much as an incoming phone call while driving. It's happened to us all. Unless you have an answering system in place to receive the call automatically, the risk-to-reward ratio for trying to find your phone and answer the call before it goes to voicemail, is rarely, if ever, going to be in your favor. The owner of this Econobox, whom they jokingly dubbed "the world's lightest car," found that out the hard way. The fact the car easily tipped over, is likely the combined result of the car sucking in first place as well as the driver's negligence.

What we found really funny about this video is how the phone ironically seemed to respond to the crash and cried out a ringtone version of WTF?

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