Never Ceases To Amaze: Blue Viper TA 2.0 Snapped In All Its Glory

The American supercar shines in every shot.

Thoughit may have undergone some technical and sales difficulties in its long past, itseems that the SRT/Dodge Viper has managed to iron out its issues and finally findits niche, where it comfortably rides as one of America's lone supercars andone that still turns heads like the sexy, young version of itself introduced morethan 20 years ago. Now, in this photoshoot by Matthew Groner, a customized version of the car is here to remind us just how sexy thisbeastly Viper can be.

The owner of this example, a 2.0 TA, has ordered it with bright bluepaint and matched its matte black wheels with black brake calipers. Like other 2015TA 2.0s, it includes a new carbon-fiber front splitter and a custom rear wing.The driver enjoys a dual-mode suspension and five modes of traction control.With its massive competition rear spoiler and that screaming blue paint, itwould be hard to miss this beast when it passes you on the street. But thanksto these outstanding photos, you can now get another closer look at all thedesign elements that make this beauty such a perennial American classic.

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