Never Do These 5 Things If Your Car Has An Automatic Transmission

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That is unless you like visiting the mechanic.

YouTube channel Engineering Explained is a great resource for gearheads who want to know more about how their cars work. It's also a great place to learn what not to do while driving, especially if you're driving a car with a manual transmission. But what about for those who drive an automatic? What stupid things should they avoid doing? Luckily there's a video for that. The five things you should never do in an automatic may seem obvious but we guarantee some people still make these mistakes.

The best way to forever correct a mistake is to know the consequences behind it. This video does a great job at illustrating what happens to your car when you launch it from neutral or try to stop it by shifting into "Park." We can't really understand why anyone do the latter but apparently some people are that dumb.

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