Never Mind: Chevy Will in Fact Sell Camaro Z/28 Parts

But forget about buying Z/28 badges.

Earlier this month it was reported that Chevrolet had made the decision not to sell a specific list of Camaro Z/28 parts. The reason why is to effectively preserve the value of the $75,000 Z/28 for owners. Fair enough. However, a new report is claiming that’s not entirely how things are going to be. According to AutoGuide, Chevrolet will in fact sell nine different Z/28 Performance Packages for non-Z/28 Camaros. However, these won’t include items such as Z/28 badges and wheels.

We’re really only talking about visual items here. What non-Z/28 owners will be able to buy are things like the suspension package, the Rear-Differential Cooling System pack, a Z/28 Cold Air Intake Kit, and an Exhaust Manifold Package that will fit into any current-gen V8 Camaro model. Even the Z/28’s cat-back exhaust will be offered, along with the aerodynamics kit. The latter, however, will only fit on 2014 (and newer) models. Other Z/28 items that’ll be available to purchase are the Brake Ducts Package and Recaro seats. Chevy’s bottom line thinking apparently must be that as long as a Camaro with Z/28 accessories doesn’t visually look like a Z/28, there won't be a problem.

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