"Never Say Never" - Is TVR Coming Back?

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This could be nothing more than some internet hoax, but then again it would be great to see a revived TVR.

This is not the first time we've heard that now defunct UK sports car maker TVR has been working on a comeback revival plan, and it likely won't be the last. However, this latest bit of news has more credibility than in the past due to a new teaser image released on the company's website that's declaring "Never say never." No other details were given, but we do have a few theories. First off, the company was taken over in 2007 by Nikolay Smolensky, a young Russian millionaire who moved TVR final production from Blackpool, UK to Turin, Italy.

Smolensky actually then split TVR into three separate companies and in 2012 confirmed that TVR car production would officially end and the brand name would live on as part of a new venture that builds portable wind turbines. Fans and owners were obviously devastated, but today there may be a glimmer of hope. Another web source claims the TVR website is registered to a media company and it's unclear whether it has any direct relationship to the old car brand. We'll just have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed.

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