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New 700-HP Caparo T1 in the Works

Track Car

You'd be nuts if you didn't want one.

There are few cars in this world like the Caparo T1. It is perhaps one of the most insane street legal track cars ever built. It’s not something just anyone knows how to drive. You have to be very accomplished (or mad) to pilot one of these. And now we’re hearing that Caparo is currently at work on an even more powerful version of its T1. Set to be called the T1 Evolution, Autocar is reporting that, according to company claims, it will produce more than 700 horsepower.

Obviously the T1 Evolution will retain the "race DNA of its predecessor," but we can also expect to see a revised exterior design, an updated chassis, stiffer suspension, and a redesigned cockpit complete with an infotainment system. What’s more, the car will come with ABS, traction and stability control. For comparison, the T1 is currently rated at 575 horsepower thanks to its 3.5-liter V8. 0-60 mph happens in just 2.5 seconds. Surpassing 100 mph happens in less than 5 seconds. Autocar also noticed that Caparo’s website is already taking orders for the T1 Evolution. How much will it cost? The original T1 had a sticker price of £211,000. Expect its successor to be somewhere north of that.

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