New Acura MDX Is Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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The new SUV is Acura's best model yet. Here's why.

The new MDX is Acura's flagship SUV and the vehicle that the Japanese automaker wants you to think of as one of its best. Despite the fact that it clearly isn't one, Acura says that the SUV drives like a sports car, and with styling accents inspired by the ARX-05 racer, it's a sharp-looking thing. The SUV borrows more than just styling elements from that car though, with Acura saying that the MDX's engine shares around 400 components with the championship-winning ARX-05 while a first-ever double-wishbone suspension setup on the SUV is another hint that the MDX is meant to be enjoyable to drive.

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The video you see above is part of Acura's campaign to market the MDX as a sporty SUV and features musings from some of the company's executives as well as its import drag racing circuit champion Adam Saruwatari, who saw success in drag racing the first-generation NSX. The video intends to highlight once again that the MDX has true racing DNA and is a properly sporty SUV, but also revisits some of the automaker's past successes. The suggestion is that the history of Acura has led to this point, where all the marque's technical expertise and racing glory has helped create the best Acura vehicle to date.

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Unfortunately, the video also highlights how much the brand has changed over the years. You see clips of the Integra Type R and the NSX, both of which were exceptional sports cars, but this reminds us that the brand doesn't have a great selection of driver's cars on offer anymore. Of course, the promise of a Type S version of the MDX is a positive takeaway, but Acura is a very different brand these days. Perhaps the MDX will deliver on its sporty claims though, as increased sales successes could pave the way for Acura to make more fun-to-drive cars in the future.

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