New Acura NSX Will Rival Ferrari at a Porsche Price

All we have to do now is wait until 2015 for it to go on sale.

Honda is currently hard at work prepping the all-new Acura NSX for its triumphant return to market. At the debut of the NSX Concept at the Detroit Auto Show last January, we were given a very clear preview as to what the new supercar will look like. In addition, Honda was very open about the NSX’s hybrid technology and advanced all-wheel drive system. Performance, however, is what we’re all anxious to know more about.

For now, however, Honda is keeping mum regarding details, but the car’s development chief recently stated that "We’re looking for the excitement of the [Ferrari] 458 at the price of the [Porsche] 911, and we think the hybrid technology can help us achieve that." If that’s the case, then the NSX could potentially be one of the most serious rivals of the 458 to date. Honda engineers, however, are still putting a major focus on handling and driver satisfaction, "qualities you can’t write down...but are the ones that will matter."

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