New Adro Bumper Gives BMW M3 And M4 That CSL Look

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It's a little more CSL and a little less beaver teeth.

By now, we've heard quite a lot about the new BMW M3 and M4's unfortunate grille. We don't really care about it too much because once you've driven it, you forget all about that front end.

And besides, the criticism leveled against BMW's design has now drifted over to the mortifying XM. Also, the aftermarket scene continues to try and fix what BMW broke.

We're here to talk about the latest attempt at undoing the M3 and M4's faces, courtesy of Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization, or Adro. It says it is the first company to develop a redesigned bumper for these powerful coupes, though the hyperlink above proves that's not the case.

Either way, this kit takes both cars in the same design direction as the M4 CSL.

Adro Adro Adro Adro

The kit redesigns the face of the G80 cars. The company used wet carbon fiber for the restyled front lip and bumper and thermoplastic olefin alongside dry prepreg carbon fiber for the rest.

Adro says it has shrunk the kidney grille by 10%, making it wider and lower in the process. In theory, this helps to keep the cooling issues BMW used to justify the face in check. The kit also keeps all stock sensors, cameras, and mounting positions.

Adro Adro Adro Adro

Davis Lee, Adro's chief designer, disagrees with the stock front end, to put it nicely.

"From a designer's perspective, they've created a fundamentally wrong front with the latest generation of the M3/M4, and we decided it was our opportunity to fix this," said Lee. He's a fan of previous M3 and M4 designs and even noted that BMW had "never missed the mark" before the G80. The man knows what he's talking about, having worked at both Mercedes and Rivian in the past.

Adro says that usually, it would sell the bumper and other changes as a complete kit but has decided otherwise this time.

Adro Adro Adro Adro

There are some compatibility issues to consider if you like the look of this new kit.

Adro also offers carbon side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a wing. You'll also need a different diffuser or side skirt, depending on which of the two M cars you own. Regardless, the bumper and lip are compatible with the M3 and M4. However, the lip only works with Adro's bumper, not a stock one.

Each bumper is made with the same injection molding process many major automakers use, and Adro says the new parts will debut at SEMA 2022. The bumper costs $3,500, and $800 for the carbon lip. Adro will begin accepting pre-orders for the M3 and M4 parts in November.

Adro Adro Adro Adro

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