New-And-Old Gulf-Livery Ford GT Duo Are A Collector's Dream

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Why choose when you can just have both?

What's better than a Ford GT in Gulf Oil livery? Another Ford GT in the same color scheme, of course. The original GT40 is a motorsport icon and a legend in the truest sense of the word, and when you see one in the striking colors of Gulf Oil, the wow factor is only compounded. The modern car has tried its utmost to replicate that sense of occasion and grandeur, and we'd have to say that it's come pretty close, but the first attempt at a GT40 successor, which arrived in the mid-2000s, was arguably closer to the original.

Noisy, incredibly thirsty, impossible to see out of, and often considered a half-assed attempt at resurrecting an icon, it has just as many insults thrown at it as the unrefined, V6-powered Ford GT of a couple of years back. Yet both are utterly desirable.

So why choose? Why not have both? And now, you can (assuming your wallet is as thick as the burgers on Man v. Food).

Classic Driver Classic Driver Classic Driver

The spectacular machines you see before you are heading to auction as a pair on October 15, as part of the Broad Arrow Group's 'Passion for the Driver' auction. With each of them wearing an interpretation of the blue and orange racing colors that have initiated an interest in motorsport for so many young children over the years, you immediately begin hoping and praying that they are as clean and well-kept as they deserve.

And they don't disappoint. Each is fitted with its respective Heritage Pack, meaning each is finished in its own take on Heritage Blue and Heritage Orange. As for wear and tear, the 2006 GT you see here has only 4.5 miles on the odometer. How has this car not been enjoyed?! The 2020 GT? Not much better, with just 850 miles.

Classic Driver Classic Driver

Whoever acquired these cars was either too scared of destroying or damaging them or simply bought them to sell later. Sad, but that's how most supercars are treated these days. Regardless, we are happy to see that they have been well cared for.

To whoever buys these cars, we have a request: either you drive these cars like you stole them, or you obtain an original 1969 GT40 in the same colors to complete the collection.

As for what to expect these beauties to sell for when they hit the auction block next month, we can provide some clues: a similarly-specced 2006 GT Heritage Edition sold a couple of months ago for $687,500 and a 250-mile 2020 Heritage Edition (not even finished in the same colors) sold for almost a million bucks. Our best guess is that this combo should go for around $2 million.

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