New And Used Tesla EVs Get Another Round Of Big Price Cuts

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The cash discount deals apply to the Model S, 3, X, and Y.

If you're looking to buy a Tesla, you might want to consider shopping around now, as the automaker has rolled out another round of price adjustments that apply to the entire range - sans the upcoming Cybertruck. Best of all, these discounts are available on both new and used units in the automaker's inventory.

The Tesla Model 3 offers cash discounts on its three trims: rear-wheel drive, long-range all-wheel drive, and Performance all-wheel drive. Buyers can enjoy as much as $3,780 worth of price slash for the top-spec Performance trim, while the rear-wheel drive variant is available with as much as $3,040 cash discount.

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Tesla feels generous for the Model S with discounts of up to $6,040; similarly, the Model X has price reductions of up to $6,360. The more potent Model S Plaid can now be had with roughly $3,000 off.

As for the Model Y, the company rolled out discounts of as much as $3,360. Like the Model 3 with a similar range, there are discount deals for all three trims.

Tesla hasn't released any statement about the hefty cash discounts, but we can think of several guesses why it's pricing is changing yet again. The EV maker could be hosting to meet its 2023 sales target, which is still off the mark based on Tesla's recent earnings call.

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Another guess is that the inventory for the Model 3 is being cleared to make room for the facelifted version released last September 2023. While the 2024 Model 3 has yet to be launched in North America, the new version is already available in other markets like Europe and China.

Considering Tesla adjusts its prices without prior announcements, the schedule of the next wave of price movements is still uncertain. Those eyeing to get one should consider purchasing before the year ends, as the $7,500 federal EV tax credit will likely be reduced to $3,750 starting next year.

In the meantime, the long-awaited Cybertruck will begin deliveries at the end of this month.

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