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New Audi A1 Breaks Cover With More Powerful S1 To Follow

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Meanwhile, Audi fans in the US weep because we can't have it.

Although we've never received the Audi A1 in the United States, it has always been one of our favorite models from the German brand. Think of it like a shrunken down Golf GTI with a nicer badge and an up-market interior. Audi has been teasing the next-generation A1 for a while now, and it is finally here. Images of the car leaked on the internet prior to its initial reveal, but we now have all of the juicy details about Audi's smallest car. Although it won't be sold in the United States, simply seeing this new car is enough to make us yearn for it.

New sports cars are getting bigger, so it's refreshing to see a small car that measures just 13.2 feet from end to end. The A1 will be powered by a variety of engines ranging from a three-cylinder producing 94 horsepower, to a 1.4-liter four-cylinder producing up to 200 hp. Power goes out through a six-speed manual or S-Tronic dual-clutch, though the most powerful version will be dual-clutch only. Whomp whomp. Inside, the A1's cabin looks upscale yet funky thanks to Audi's virtual cockpit display and GTI-style yellow plaid seats. On the exterior, we appreciate the Q2-inspired C-Pillars and the aggressive vent in the hood.

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Enthusiasts who crave even more power from their supermini will not be disappointed, as Autocar reports that a more powerful S1 will soon follow. The S1 will utilize the Volkswagen Group's EA888 turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing around 250 hp going out to a Haldex AWD system. 0-60 mph should take just 5.9 seconds, and of course, it won't come to America.