New Audi A6 With Prologue Concept Styling Cues Is Bad News For BMW

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These are the first ever spy shots of the all-new Audi A6.

When our spies caught the new Audi A8 out testing the photos they snapped left us a bit disappointed. Not in the quality of their shots but in the look of the car under the camo. The same can't be said about the Audi A6 our dutiful photographers caught testing in Norway. Like the A8 it is covered in camo. However, what is visible shows that Audi has more than a slight retouching in mind for the next-generation A6. The most noticeable changes concern the design of the front end. Peer through the camo and you can spot thinner headlights.

You don't need to squint to see the much larger grille design. Audi's designers reshaped the hood as well, giving it some new folds. Overall the look, at least from the front, is reminiscent of the Prologue concept from 2014. We previously threw shade at Audi for seemingly ignoring the Prologue when styling the A8. It appears we may have been a bit hasty. Perhaps the A6 was the car destined to receive the concept car's muscular and svelte styling. Hopefully that design transfers over to the wagon and Allroad versions. Of course what we really care about are the S6 and the RS6. The car caught testing appears to be neither of those performance models. In the coming months expect shots of the hopped-up models to surface.

As the year progresses more details about the A6's engines should leak out. Of particular interest is what size power plant the S6 will get. Will Audi continue to offer it with a twin-turbo V8 or will it switch to a smaller unit, perhaps a twin-turbo V6? We would speculate on the engine the supercar-smashing RS6 will have as we don't want to get our hopes up for a car we'll never get. Then again, the A5/S5 Sportback are on the way to the US. Anything seems possible right now. Audi does want more RS models after all… Engines aside expect the next A6 to feature a ton of awesome tech that will allow it to almost drive itself. Weight will also be cut and a hybrid option should finally be widely available.

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