New Audi A8 Arrives At Spider-Man Homecoming Premiere


Spiderman arrived at the premiere of homecoming in style.

In less than two weeks, Audi will be lifting the wraps off the new technically advanced A8 at an event in Barcelona, but you’ll be able to see the flagship luxury sedan in all its glory before then in the new Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel movie which swings into cinemas on July 5. Fans attending the film’s premiere in Los Angeles this week got a closer look at the new Audi A8, which was used to chauffeur Tom Halland’s character Peter Parker in style.

Spidey climbed onto the camouflaged A8 to pose for photos, while Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. arrived in a black R8 which will also feature in the film. Look closely at the photos, and you’ll notice that the swirl pattern Audi normally uses to disguise its pre-production cars has been replaced with a custom camouflage incorporating spider webs specifically for the event. Viewers of Spider-Man Homecoming will get to see parts of the A8’s redesigned side and front sections. In one shameless scene of product placement demonstrating the A8’s autonomous driving abilities, Happy Hogan will activate the A8’s Traffic Jam Pilot system and take his hands off the wheel while the car drives itself.

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So far, we know the A8 will be able to park itself without supervision and will feature a front-mounted camera that detects bumps before you hit them and adjusts the suspension accordingly for a smoother ride. No doubt we’ll be treated to more teasers of Audi’s answer to the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class in the coming weeks before its formal reveal on July 11.