New Audi Quattro Could Be Based on the A6

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If the latest reports are accurate, then a new Audi Quattro is just around the corner.

Back in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show, Audi revealed its Quattro Concept, which became a hit. Although it was intended to be just a tribute to the original 1984 Sport Quattro, the Quattro Concept became the object of desire for many hoping for a production version. Audi, however, refused to commit to such a project, but it never closed the door completely. Earlier this summer we reported that Audi may reveal another Quattro concept or even a production-spec version at Frankfurt.

And now, just one month away from the show, a new report is claiming that a new concept variant will be built on the A6 platform and will be a springboard for the automaker's new design language. Thing is, the A6 is a heavy thing, but thanks to heavy doses of carbon fiber and aluminum, Audi has gotten the latest Quattro's weight down to a more realistic 2,645 lbs. Power will supposedly come from the familiar twin-turbo V8 that could produce as much as 600 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. A production Quattro hasn't been given the green light just yet, but if this latest concept is a hit, then anything is possible.

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