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New Baby Driver Trailer Will Make You Forget About Fate Of The Furious

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How refreshing is it to see a car movie with stunts that rely on driving skill instead of explosions?

With The Fate of the Furious breaking box office records, it's easy to forget some of the other car-centric movies screeching into cinemas this year that deserve your attention. One such film is Baby Driver. Whereas Fate of the Furious focuses on spectacular set-pieces that defy the laws of physics, from wrecking balls smashing into cars, to driverless cars rampaging through New York, director Edgar Wright goes back to basics in Baby Driver with stunts that rely on pure driving skill – something Fast and Furious hasn't done since Tokyo Drift.

You won't see cars performing physics-defying jumps, but the stunt driving looks superb in the new international trailer for Baby Driver. We get to see a few new shots of the Subaru WRX STI getting put through its paces in high speed chases, and there's not even a single explosion in sight.

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Admittedly, we've already seen a lot of the footage in previous trailers, but watching the Scooby outmaneuver police cars, powerslide around corners and perform reverse 180s in tight alleyways never gets old. Compared to the first trailer, you can tell from the frenetic editing that this is an Edgar Wright film. The plot revolves around lead character Baby played by Ansel Elgort, a getaway driver who constantly has music blaring through his earbuds to drown out the relentless ringing in his ears caused by a crash that happened in his childhood. It's not just a plot device either, as the soundtrack will be synchronized to the various car chase scenes.

With Edgar Wright's signature style, an intriguing plot and practical car stunts, Baby Driver is fast becoming our most anticipated car movie of the year. Originally slated for an August release, Baby Driver will be powersliding into cinemas on June 28.