New Batmobile Thrills The Crowd At SEMA 2022

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The menacing movie star was the crown jewel of the Mickey Thompson display.

SEMA 2022 has exhibited an extraordinary collection of incredible projects from OEMs and tuners alike. We've seen some wonderful creations from Lexus and got a glimpse at the revised Dodge Daytona SRT Concept. But Mickey Thompson also caused a stir, displaying the dramatic Batmobile that took center stage in this year's blockbuster, The Batman.

Unlike the Batmobile of the past, the latest iteration draws design inspiration from iconic American muscle cars, like the 1970 Dodge Charger. So why is the menacing vehicle on display at the Mickey Thompson stand? It rides on tires from the famed brand, of course.

Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson

"From tires to apparel, it's clear that the producers of The Batman intended to depict Bruce Wayne as highly knowledgeable, building with aftermarket parts. This new Batmobile is a true project build and perfectly captures the essence of our industry," said Mickey Thompson's president, Dominick Montouri.

Production designer for The Batman, James Chinlund, said the production team wanted to represent Bruce Wayne as a serious car guy. "He has an intimate relationship with every detail of the Batmobile, built it from the ground up with his own hands."

Mickey Thompson tires were chosen as they come "from a tradition of scratch-built cars; built for speed and power." This made it a natural fit for the Batmobile, added Chinlund.

Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson

Aside from the crowd-pulling Batmobile, Mickey Thompson also used SEMA 2022 to showcase its biggest-ever tire. Available from mid-2023, the 42- and 44-inch items will join the Ultra Premium Baja Boss lineup and provide customers with improved sidewall grip and more ground clearance.

The new tire size has been designed to work with many lift kits and aftermarket fenders, with the 42-inch versions designed for late-model Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models. The larger 44-inch size will cater to those with custom builds.

The asymmetrical tread pattern reduces road noise and provides better handling, all while improving traction when off-roading. Other nifty features include stone ejector ribs that prevent gravel and stones from getting trapped in the tread.

Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson Mickey Thompson

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