New Battery Tech Will Help Stop Electric Cars Bursting Into Flames

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It's quite a claim but if true, a very reassuring one for consumers.

Graphene, an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms, has already been sampled by established car makers such as Ford who has used the innovative material on supercapacitors for the Mustang and F-150. Now, LA-based Nanotech Energy is now looking to expand on this innovative material by applying it to a new battery system.

As per its claims, the graphene-powered batteries will be immune to combustion which is something that the lithium-ion battery is not yet free of, as we've seen on more than one occasion, most recently with the Chevrolet Bolt fire sage. How is this possible? The firm explains that the compound is more stable when subjected to excessive heat, as it showcases in a video demonstration. Here we see a standard lithium-ion battery burst into flames when subjected to a nail penetration test while the Graphene Organclyte battery maintains composure.

Gladwyne Volunteer Fire Company/Facebook
Nanotech Energy/YouTube
Nanotech Energy/YouTube

Nanotech Energy's battery shows great resilience during a 365-degree heating protocol, too. When the smoke appears in the chamber, the video explains that this is due to venting and that no fire or explosion is occurring.

Graphene was first discovered in 2002 but with the rise of electric vehicles, it is now being looked at more seriously in the automotive sphere. Nanotech says that its mission in particular is to bring this material into the energy storage industry from the research laboratory to the marketplace. The company also holds one of the earliest patents on making the material.

Nanotech Energy/YouTube
Nanotech Energy/YouTube

Furthermore, graphene has also been described to be a more environmentally friendly option. Nanotech assures that the material boasts improved safety, cost-efficiency, and sustainability due to its more organic nature. With this, it promises that the technology will translate to real-world benefits.

Just as importantly, graphene has been regarded as a breakthrough material because of its strength and flexibility. It has been tested to be 200 times stronger than steel while possessing 97 percent transparency which makes it a million times thinner than a human hair. Thanks to this, the material can be applied to several fields, such as transport, medicine, and electronics. Nanotech says that the production of its innovative power source is expected to commence later this year.

Nanotech Energy
Nanotech Energy

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