New BMW Car App Helps You Cheat During Drag Races

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We don't think they designed it for racing though.

If there is one thing BMW loves, it's technology. The German automaker is constantly developing fancy infotainment systems, driving sensors and complicated safety features. BMW's latest product is an app called EnLighten, developed by a tech firm named "Connected Signals." The firm worked with BMW to integrate the app into the car's turn signals and speedometer. If the driver approaches a light or hits the turn signal near a light, the car will notify the driver if they have enough time to make it through or if they should begin to brake.

The thought behind the app is that people struggle to accurately gauge if they can make it through an intersection, so this app will prevent that awkward, sharp breaking before intersections. It also can help safety-wise by minimizing the chance of accidentally running a red. So how does this help you cheat during a drag race? The product description mentions a "countdown of how much time is left before the light switches." Now to us, that does sound convenient, but it also would give a serious edge when you pull up next to your buddies for a stoplight drag race. Instead of painstakingly waiting for the color to change, you have a drag strip-like countdown until you need to punch the gas. Thanks, BMW!

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