New BMW Concept Is So Beautiful It Hurts

Simply stunning.

Based on the equally stunning 3.0 CSL Hommage that debuted earlier this year at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy, this is the ‘R’ variant for the track. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of BMW in North America, with a familiar design the Hommage R Concept sports a Brilliant White body with a distinctive livery that nods to the championship winning 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL, as well as a revised grille, and 21-inch alloys finished in matte gold and black.

The driver-focused cabin was created by first designing the driver’s helmet, race suit and seat. The helmet visor acts as a Head Up display of sorts, projecting speed, gear and engine revs into the driver’s field of view. The suit, designed by Puma, has illuminated piping integrated into the sleeves, which will show the progress of information into his visor, but only when both hands are on the wheel. The interior is almost entirely made from carbon fiber, save for the wood-trimmed instrument panel that provides additional info illuminated through the wood.

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