New BMW Eco Sub-Brand Will Be Called "i"

BMW has been hard at work developing some new technology to make its range of vehicles a bit greener. Some advances have come in the form of the oft-mentioned MegaCity and the production version of its Vision EfficientDynamics eco supercar. BMW has just announced that its new sub-brand will be called "i". The first two models will be the i3 and i8, otherwise known as the MegaCity and VED production cars.

The automaker has also founded BMW i Ventures, a holding company with $100 million in backing. The company's goal is to propagate 'vehicle-independent services' for things like smart phone apps. All this new technology has some BMW enthusiasts worried about preserving BMW'S reputation of being 'fun-to-drive', but if the production i8 can preserve the promise of the Vision EfficientDynamics show car, there should be no problem.

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