New BMW Individual Visualizer Shows The XM In All 54 Fancy Hues

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You can also now change the background and the lighting of the virtual environment in which your digital XM is configured.

BMW has finally updated its Individual Visualizer with all the colors available for the XM. The original BMW XM configurator went live on October 2022, and it's pretty underwhelming. Only seven exterior hues are available as standard, and because it's a high-end halo car, not many options or packages can be added.

The new Visualizer finally gives us a chance to see all the available color options for the XM and, more importantly, to see if there's a shade that makes the oddest M car ever more palatable. Unfortunately, the recently unveiled XM Label Red is not live on the configurator yet. Perhaps this will get even more options, or perhaps the existing selection is what will be offered to the range-topper too.

Regardless, there are plenty of choices - 54 in total.


The new Visualizer is a big step up from the previous version. It allows customers to download high-resolution images and detailed MP4 videos of the car they built, and the virtual environment and its lighting can be customized too. Builds can also be saved and shared on Twitter, although Instagram seems like a better place to do this.

The color palette is made up of a total of 54 finishes, four of which are Frozen, three of which are Pearl Effect, and 10 of which are non-metallic. Eight of those non-metallic hues are Uni finish colors, which means they are effectively blocky, singular colors with little depth. Besides these 10, all the other colors come in a luscious, rich, Metallic finish.


Matte options are limited to Frozen Brilliant White Metallic, Frozen Marina Bay Blue Metallic, Frozen Tulum Blue Metallic, and Frozen Black Metallic. Non-metallic hues include Sepia II, Malachite Green II, Black-Blue Uni, Gentian Blue Uni, Santorini Blue II Uni, Nardo Gray Uni, Chalk Uni, Urban Green II Uni, British Racing Green Uni, and Signal Green Uni.

BMW used Signal Green as the launch color for the striking 2024 M3 CS, but the special Frozen Brooklyn Grey Metallic used to launch the M4 CSL is considerately kept exclusive to that car. Isle of Man Green is also absent, but Oxford Green is a suitable replacement. Java Green is also worth a look, but if you like orange, there's only one choice, albeit a lovely one: Sakhir Orange III Metallic.

We've included the full list below, but we urge you to try out the configurator. Although not 100% realistic, it gives one a great idea of what these colors look like from different angles and in different lighting. Do any of them make the XM attractive? You tell us.


2024 BMW XM Individual color options, with parenthesized color code, in Visualizer order:

  • Brilliant White Metallic (U21)
  • Frozen Brilliant White Metallic (W93)
  • Pyrite Brown Metallic II (P86)
  • Macadamia Metallic (U80)
  • Sepang Bronze Metallic (A32)
  • Midnight Sapphire II Metallic (R71)
  • Black-Blue Uni (W32)
  • Midnight Blue Metallic (453)
  • San Marino Blue Metallic (B51)
  • Le Mans Blue Metallic (381)
  • Macao Blue Metallic (250)
  • Avus Blue Metallic (276)
  • Teal Mica Metallic (P9M)
  • Velvet Blue Metallic (379)
  • Orinoco Pearl Effect Metallic (406)
  • Interlagos Blue Metallic (A30)
  • Frozen Marina Bay Blue Metallic (P5T)
  • Gentian Blue Uni (W37)
  • Maldives Blue II Metallic (A15)
  • Santorini Blue II Uni (327)
  • Frozen Tulum Blue Metallic (P98)
  • Atlantis Metallic (399)
  • Sepia II (P9N)
  • Long Beach Blue Metallic (C16)
  • Singapore Gray II Metallic (P94)
  • Brands Hatch Gray Metallic (C17)
  • Gunmetal II Metallic (W24)
  • Stratus Gray Metallic (440)
  • Grigio Telesto Pearl Effect Metallic (P6M)
  • Lime Rock Gray Metallic (C39)
  • Nardo Gray Uni (P6K)
  • Chalk Uni (P7B)
  • Frozen Black Metallic (U91)
  • Ruby Black Metallic (X03)
  • Jerez Black Metallic (A73)
  • Citrine Black Metallic (C49)
  • Brass Metallic (621)
  • Urban Green II Uni (P9P)
  • British Racing Green Uni (312)
  • Boston Green Metallic (275)
  • Aurora Diamond Green Metallic (P7S)
  • Malachite Green Metallic II (P85)
  • Anglesey Green Metallic (P9R)
  • Oxford Green Metallic (430)
  • Java Green II Metallic (P7V)
  • Signal Green Uni (P56)
  • Techno Violet Metallic (299)
  • Mora Metallic (359)
  • Daytona Violet Metallic (283)
  • Ruby Red II Pearl Effect Metallic (S03)
  • Wildberry Metallic (T09)
  • Indianapolis Red Metallic (A31)
  • Melbourne Red Metallic (A75)
  • Sakhir Orange III Metallic (P93)

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