New BMW M2 Coming With All-Wheel Drive

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New technical documents suggest BMW M's purest performance machine could get a whole lot more complex.

The smallest BMW M model in the range offered by the German automaker, the BMW M2, might be on the receiving end of the all-wheel-drive treatment if recently discovered documents prove to be true.

There's been a hot debate about whether BMW, and its M division, is really the enthusiast brand it once was. On the one hand, the new M4 CSL is remarkable and the 3.0 CSL is mega cool, but on the other, the XM SUV is the furthest thing from BMW's original ethos of driver-focused cars. Whichever side of the argument you rest on, though, almost everyone agrees that the BMW M2 is M at its finest.

Scheduled to be unveiled later this year, the new G87-generation M2 was previously confirmed as a rear-wheel drive coupe, still offering a six-speed manual gearbox, and the last non-hybrid M car. AWD may be added to the options list, however.


This bold claim comes from the Bimmerpost forum, where forum user Tag claims he discovered documents within BMW's technical information system pointing to AWD availability for the new M2.

The document he discovered is a service information manual breaking down the details of the M xDrive AWD system for BMW technicians. At the top of the document, it boldly proclaims that the information is for the M2, development code G87 - which is the new model.

Tag did his due diligence and also sourced the same document for the G82 BMW M4 Competition xDrive, noting that the two documents (see screenshots below) are identical aside from the vehicle description. This makes sense since both the M2 and M4 are based on BMW's CLAR architecture, utilize the same S58 six-cylinder engine, and share much of their suspension componentry.

Tag/Bimmerpost Tag/Bimmerpost

This could be a filing error on BMW's part, especially since the G87 document only mentions the model as "M2" whereas the M4 specifies "Competition M xDrive" under the model designation. However, we doubt that's the case and suspect BMW will make AWD an option on the M2.

Since the M240i is currently available exclusively with the AWD system, this would be easy for BMW to integrate, and it would give buyers - particularly those in cold climates - all-weather performance. The M xDrive system can apportion up to 100% of its torque to the rear axle in certain driving modes, which would give buyers the option of a car with multiple personalities.

While the RWD version of the M2 will be available with either a stick-shift or BMW's ubiquitous eight-speed torque converter automatic sourced from ZF, we suspect the xDrive variant would only be available in automatic form.

CarBuzz has reached out to BMW for comment on the matter, with a spokesperson responding that communication with regards to the M2's final specification has not started, so they are unable to confirm further details.

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