New BMW M3 Has Lost Its Rip

Does the new twin-turbo inline-six make the new M3 sound too much like a wimp?

BMW has finally opened the new M3’s doors to auto-journos and following Motor Trend’s Justin Bell's review, Auto Car’s Steven Sutcliffe presents his thoughts on the latest high-performance M car. As you’ll see, the M Division has excelled in almost every area of the M3’s evolution – from the handling and drive feel to the interior and performance, the F80 is wanting for nothing. Well, almost nothing. The twin-turbo straight-six serves up plenty of torque while remaining relatively frugal, however the sacrifice is a distinct lack of grunt.

As Sutcliffe says the engine “has lost its rip.” Will that be enough to put potential buyers off the car? Unlikely, but it will certainly give them pause for thought.

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