New BMW M3 Wagon Spied On Its Way To The Nurburgring

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It sure looks good on the road.

The BMW M3 has always been the benchmark for luxury sport sedans, but despite this, enthusiasts have always asked for something more. That something is a Touring model, or wagon variant. While aficionados have made their own wagon creations on numerous occasions, with everything from the first E30 variant to the most recent F81 model, a production version seemed like nothing but a dream until this year, when BMW finally confirmed that wishes would be granted for the new G-series M3. While we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like, we have a long while to wait for testing to be completed and the new model to be released. Below is video footage of one such test vehicle en route to the Nurburgring.

It almost seems like a waste of time and money to wrap this car in camouflage since those fat arches, menacing exhaust pipes, and bespoke mirrors are all dead giveaways as to what car is hiding underneath, but that's just the way things are done. Although the caption of the video is a little deceiving, as the M3 wagon is seen on a public road and isn't being driven too hard, the end of the video has a little Easter egg. The prototype wagon is seen pulling into the Nurburgring complex, which means that Automotive Mike who supplied the video, or other car-spotters, will likely have much more exciting videos to post in the coming days as the M3 wagon gets its neck wrung around the famous circuit.


Unfortunately, the M3 wagon is unlikely to truly be the ultimate enthusiasts' family car, as rear-wheel-drive and a manual gearbox will likely not be fitted to this body style. Instead, the M3 wagon will likely only be offered as a Competition model, but at least this means it will have maximum output from the get-go. It's also unlikely that the wagon will reach the States due to the amount of work required for the vehicle to be legal here, but if you want to try change the future, there's a petition out that could possibly change BMW's mind. Here's hoping.

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