New BMW M4 Looks Way Better As Hardcore GTS

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The brand's upcoming track toy is going to mean.

The new BMW M4 has arrived with brash styling, a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and phenomenal performance. But it never takes long for enthusiasts to start wondering when more hardcore variants of BMW's M products will arrive. The new M5 CS recently showed its face and last year, we spotted the dramatic M4 GTS out in the wild. With its distinctive rear wing, bespoke wheels, and unique orange detailing, it's sure to turn heads when it arrives - both on the road and on the track. Our render artist decided to imagine what this future high-performance M4 could look like with these aesthetic changes.

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As always, the new M4's vertical grille is as attention-grabbing as ever, but there's the sense that this controversial design element works better when the rest of the car is equally extreme. With its lowered stance and aggressive side sills, this realistic interpretation of the future M4 GTS looks like it wants to devour AMGs for breakfast. Although the rear-end wasn't rendered, previous spy shots have shown it will have an unusual stacked central quad-exit exhaust arrangement. We do prefer BMW's more traditional setup with twin tailpipes on each side, but it does give the GTS some distinction.

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Rear View Driving BMW
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Like the last M4 GTS, the new one will be modified for increased performance on track. We expect it to have more power and less weight; the previous M4 GTS used a rare nozzle water injection system to increase its outputs. Considering that the new M4 Competition produces 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, the upcoming M4 GTS should improve on these outputs, possibly bringing the 0-60 mph time to the mid-3.5-second range. Next year, BMW M celebrates its milestone 50th anniversary, so a new GTS, or even a lighter CSL, would be a fitting way to celebrate. Of course, before all that, the AWD version of the new M4 Competition will arrive.

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