New BMW Trademark Filing Hints At A Possible New Run Of CSL Models

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M1 CSL through M8 CSL has just been protected by the Bavarians.

AutoGuide is reporting that BMW has put in trademark requests for the term "CSL" which of course stands for "Coupe Sport Lightweight." Requests have been put in to protect M1 CSL all the way through M8 CSL. As much as we want to believe that BMW is planning a barrage of new CSL models the logical explanation is that the automaker doesn't want anyone else to steal its acronym. The CSL name was last used on the E46 generation of the M3, a car which never made it to American shores.


The term was first used in the early 1970s when a limited number of 3.0 CSL models were built specifically to meet homologation requirements so that the car could go racing. The 3.0 CSL racer was extremely successful, winning the European Touring Car Championships throughout the 1970s. More recently BMW revived the nameplate in concept form, showing off the gorgeous 3.0 CSL Hommage and the track-focused Hommage R. The closest BMW has gotten to rolling out a new CSL model is the M4 GTS. There looks to be an M2 CS on the way as well, but outside of those two models it doesn't look like a true CSL will be debuting any time soon.

This trademark filing gives us hope that BMW could have something awesome up its sleeve. An M8 CSL would be absolutely insane. A four-door CSL would be...actually, let's not go down that road just yet.

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