New BMW Vision Concept To Be Revealed In September

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BMW will offer a glimpse into its future at the IAA Mobility show.

At a round table event with BMW Group Design boss Adrian van Hooydonk at Villa d'Este this past weekend, CarBuzz learned that BMW will present a new Vision concept at the IAA Mobility show in Munich. Each time BMW applies the Vision name to a concept, it gives us a glimpse of what to expect regarding styling and technology across the lineup.

"We are building a forward-looking car, a very visionary car... for the IAA car show in Munich," the BMW design chief revealed at the Concorso.

The most recent such concept - the BMW i Vision Dee - was recently revealed to be a preview for the next BMW 3 Series sedan, while one that preceded it - the i Vision Circular - was more of a design exercise.

So what can we expect this time around?


BMW has given us no indication of what might be coming, but since we have a pretty clear idea of what the future holds for most of the BMW lineup, it's possible that the new concept could be something with serious M influence, like 2019's Vision M Next, a preview of an electric supercar more exciting than the i8 ever was. We know that BMW is working on electrifying the M division and has applied for several patents that contain performance-biased EV technology; perhaps BMW will showcase what we can expect from an electric M3 with this new concept.

Rumors have long swirled that the 8 Series will be comprehensively redesigned and repositioned, too, so the concept may even be something with a decidedly luxury focus.


Whatever it is, it's sure to be an attention-grabber. BMW has pioneered color-changing paint, championed sustainable materials, and is making progress with virtual reality, so there's a good chance that another new kind of technology will be showcased with this.

Regardless, it's almost guaranteed that the new concept will be powered by electricity. BMW intends to launch at least six new EVs before the end of the decade. That said, the Bavarian automaker has also refused to give an end date for its combustion engines, so anything is possible.

The IAA Mobility show takes place from 5 September-10 September 2023 in Munich, Germany.


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