New BMW X4 Vs. Old BMW X4: Check Out All Of Design Changes

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Think they still look the same? Watch this and find out for sure.

At first glance it may be hard to see the design changes between the old F26 and new G02 BMW X4. We also have to admit the two generations do look quite similar, but after seeing the all-new X4 in the flesh at Geneva, the design changes are definitely more visible. Because we weren't the only ones initially having difficulties seeing the differences, BMW figured it'd be a smart idea to explain and visibly show them in this new video. Perhaps the most noticeable design change you'll see is the new front end.

Its large twin kidney grille now has an active air stream and more dynamic adaptive LED headlights. The side air intakes are also completely different. From the side, the new X4 has a slightly sportier appearance, though you do have to look more closely here in order to see the changes.

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Out back, however, the taillights feature an all-new design, part of the automaker's continued evolutionary design language. It's a cleaner looking appearance. Step inside, however, and the new X4 interior can be identified not only by a more premium design, but also with higher qualities materials and improved fit and finish. Yes, we know you can't tell the latter from the video alone, but trust us on this one. Our time in the X4 earlier this month was spent noting these improvements and, needless to say, we were surprisingly impressed. BMW has big plans for its second generation X4, and for those interested in buying one, just know you'll be getting a much improved vehicle overall than the one it replaced.


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