New BMW X7 Already Has Specialized M Performance Parts

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Just in case you think the standard model doesn't look aggressive enough.

The arrival of the newly updated BMW X7 has sparked intense debate across the automotive world. While no one can argue that the refreshed model is more luxurious and tech-laden than before, it's the controversial styling that has set tongues wagging. Already a divisive machine, the 2023 model now features a split headlight design that is struggling to find favor with fans.

Perhaps those dissatisfied with the challenging aesthetics will be appeased by the M Performance parts BMW has revealed for its largest SUV. Whenever the brand releases a new model, you can be sure that appearance-enhancing accouterments are to follow. Some applications have been less than desirable but, from what we can see here, the X7 has gained some rather tasty-looking pieces.


The exterior is privy to two additional wheel styles; a rather attractive duo-tone design and a decidedly demure matte black finish. These are, of course, kept separate from the rest of the wheel choices on offer. The range-topping M60i variant will receive 22-inch wheels as standard but BMW has said 23-inch items will be made available for the first time.

Around back, an M Performance exhaust finisher is on offer. While it looks very similar to the tips found on the aforementioned X7 M60i, it eschews the glossy lacquer for a more subdued matte finish. Elsewhere, carbon fiber mirror caps and an antenna finisher lend the GLS rival a sportier look. As is the case with other BMWs, these add-ons will be made available to X7 models fitted with an M Sport kit.


Not to be left out, the plush interior receives a steering wheel that sits at odds with the X7's character. Even with a 523-horsepower 4.4-liter turbocharged V8, the X7 M60i is still a full-size luxury SUV. The inclusion of a carbon fiber-trimmed tiller with Alcantara inserts and a 12 'o clock mark is ambitious and, frankly, overkill. We're sure some BMW X7 owners will love it, though.

We have to admit we're quite fond of the M Performance key cover; the stitching in M's signature colors pairs nicely with the carbon fiber trim. An X7 (particularly the M60i) fitted with these appearance-enhancing extras is as close to an X7 M as buyers are likely to get, short of buying the facelifted 613-horsepower Alpina XB7.

2023 BMW X7 Front View BMW 2023 BMW X7 Rear View Driving BMW 2023 BMW X7 Side View Driving BMW 2023 BMW X7 Front Lights BMW 2023 BMW X7 Air Vents BMW 2023 BMW X7 Engine BMW
2023 BMW X7 Front View
2023 BMW X7 Rear View Driving
2023 BMW X7 Side View Driving
2023 BMW X7 Front Lights
2023 BMW X7 Air Vents
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