New BMW XM Configurator Is Somewhat Disappointing

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Surprisingly, there's not much scope for personalization.

For months, BMW has kept us on the edge of our seats with nauseating teasers of the BMW XM. But, finally, the most controversial Bimmer of our time has broken cover. While it's nowhere near as offensive as the original concept, it's not what we'd call beautiful. Still, looks are subjective and, for every hater, there's someone that's in love with the monstrous XM.

Those that fall in the latter camp will be delighted to know the configurator is now live. Sadly, the USA version isn't live yet, so you'll have to hop across the virtual pond and specify your dream XM on the UK configurator. So, without further ado, let's begin.

The pricier Label Red - which was recently leaked - will arrive at a later date. So for now, there's just one model. Priced from £145,885 in the UK (around $160,000 in the States), the base model gains motivation from an electrified 4.4-liter V8, with combined outputs of 644 horsepower and 590 lb-ft torque.


We're left disappointed by the paltry color palette - just seven shades are available. This includes Marina Bay Blue, Toronto Red, and the launch color, Cape York Green. Subtler finishes are also available, such as Carbon Black and Mineral White. The only optional paint scheme is Dravit Grey, which will set buyers back £1,100 (approx. $1,190). Special Individual shades will likely be introduced at a later stage.

Moving on to the wheels, there are four designs to choose from. Despite their size, the standard 21-inch items look lost in the mountainous arches. They don't boast a particularly attractive design, so we'd recommend opting for the larger options. For £1,500 (approx. $1,625), BMW will supply 22-inch bi-color double-spoke M light alloy items.

If, however, you want even larger wheels, the bi-color "923 M" style wheels are available in two colors; a ghastly Night Gold finish for £2,750 (approx. $2,980), and a more attractive silver finish priced at £2,500 (approx.$2,700). Red or blue-painted M brake calipers are available at no extra cost.


Inside, you're rather limited in terms of upholstery choices. Just four colors are on offer, two of which are no-cost options. As standard, the XM receives BMW's delightful Merino leather, which is some of the softest, most supple hide this side of a Rolls-Royce. Sakhir Orange and Black require no additional outlay but specifying Silverstone or Deep Lagoon upholstery tacks an additional £2,500 (approx. $2,700) onto the price tag.

The pricier upholstery choices are combined with a brown leather finish on the dashboard and doors, as well as a suede-effect trim on the door pillars and roof lining. Carbon fiber is, unfortunately, the only decorative interior trim made available Hopefully, BMW will add a selection of metal and wood trims in the coming months.

With the interior out of the way, all that's left to look at are the options and packages. For £2,250 (approx. $2,440), buyers can elect to specify the M Driver's Pack, which increases the top speed to 180 mph.


The BMW XM is generously equipped as standard, so there aren't many extras to wade through. The most notable options, however, include the Driving Assistance Professional Package for £2,500 (approx. $2,700). For your chunk of change, you receive a host of driver assists in return, such as lane change assist, evasion assist, wrong-way warning, and more. The £4,000 (approx. $4,350) Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound Audio System is pricey but worth it.

Thankfully, the flashy gold exterior trim can be removed at no extra cost if one opts for the Shadow Line package. This lends the XM a more subtle look and improves the styling somewhat. All in all, UK customers can expect to pay just over £162,500 (approx. $178,000) for a fully specced model.

American buyers will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the XM. Production of the M SUV is expected to commence towards the end of the year (at BMW's Spartanburg plant), with the first US deliveries taking place in April 2023. The order books, however, are already open.


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