New Body Kit For The Maserati MC20 Limited To 25 Units

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Tuning company wastes no time trying to improve styling of Maserati's latest offering.

The Maserati MC20 is the most hotly-anticipated car that the company has created in years. A proper performance car, Maserati will need to train customers on how to get the most out of it. Ahead of its release, Maserati has already started showing off available options like a cool new car cover.

Once the vehicle is ready for mass production, we'll see more OEM stuff being offered from the factory, but surprisingly, someone has already created a body kit for the new supercar, despite it still undergoing testing in arid climates. New York-based company 7 Designs has found a way to design a kit for the car, and it's refreshingly restrained.

7 Designs 7 Designs

The kit has been dubbed Aria, and unlike many horrendous attempts at enhancing supercars that we've seen over the years, this kit looks good enough to have come from the factory. As is customary, carbon fiber is the favored material. At the front you see a larger splitter that is flanked by dive planes on the bumpers. There are also new side skirts fitted, along with subtly integrated intake scoops in the lower halves of the rear fenders.

On the roof, a perfectly sized scoop adds a bit of racing flavor, while a large rear wing is joined by a new rear fascia incorporating a menacing diffuser. The exhaust tips have also been relocated, giving this car a subtle but effective overhaul in the looks department.

7 Designs 7 Designs

There is next to no information on the company's website, so we can't tell you what the kit costs or what kinds of options or other enhancements there may be, but you can bet it won't be cheap. Not only is it a kit for an exciting new supercar, but it is also exclusive in that Aria is limiting production of the kit to just 25 units.

Generally, modifications for supercars are unsightly and don't seem to fit with the original design of whatever vehicle they're applied to. In this case, the finished product is arguably even more attractive than the already beautiful MC20. Let's hope more tuners follow this path in the future.

7 Designs 7 Designs 7 Designs

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