New Body Kit Makes Your Old Land Cruiser Look Like A New One

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This Chinese body kit looks pretty clean.

Stories about the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series haven't had much pertinence for American readers as the exceptional luxury off-roader was never destined for our shores. Toyota hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of offering the latest LC here, but it seems of little consequence when you consider that buyers from markets that were always intended to receive the new model are facing delays of up to four years. Production has fallen far behind and there seems to be no end in sight, but a Chinese company called GBT Restyling Bodykit now has something of a solution. Thanks to a new body kit, you can now make your 200-series LC look like the all-new 300 variant.

GBT Restyling Bodykit GBT Restyling Bodykit

Yes, this body kit doesn't make the older Land Cruiser a carbon copy of the new one, but it's pretty close. The kit consists of new components for the front bumper, grille, headlights, taillights, rear bumper, and tailgate. The company says that installation doesn't require any chopping or cutting, and it's basically a bolt-on process. As the images show, the aftermarket taillights are very close to the original 300 design, and while the front is a little less congruent, the graphics inside the headlights seem good enough to fool a casual onlooker from a distance. There's still no hiding the slightly bulbous shape of the 200's body, but the overall effect is certainly far more modern in look and feel, and we don't hate it.

GBT Restyling Bodykit GBT Restyling Bodykit GBT Restyling Bodykit

The company has not made clear how much these kits cost or if they can be installed at home, but we're sure they must be a fair bit more affordable than a Land Cruiser 300 would cost if you were able to get your hands on one. If you'd rather have the real deal, you can wait for Toyota to offer the latest Land Cruiser here, you can buy the mechanically-identical Lexus LX, or you can wait to order the all-new Sequoia which is based on the same platform and has even more power. Whatever your decision, getting something even remotely like the new LC is going to see you wait quite some time.

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