New Boss Not Writing Off Four-Door Bugatti

Project could be resurrected after completion of Veyron replacement.

With new management comes a new direction. After being reappointed as CEO of Bentley and Bugatti back in April, Wolfgang Durheimer is keen to rekindle a couple of projects previously considered dead in the water. The Bentley boss confirmed last week the Mulsanne Convertible was back on track and now, according to Automotive News, the man also in charge of Bugatti has said he is not writing off a four-door sedan.

“The project is on ice,” says Duerheimer, who claims to revisit the Galibier concept from time to time. The problem appears to be one of timing. Bugatti is working towards showing the Veyron replacement next year. Once that project is completed, there’s a chance the ultrapowerful sedan will be brought out from the deep freeze. Previous reports suggested the production Galibier would come with close to 1,400 hp and a 235-mph top speed.

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