New Brembo Logo Looks Very Familiar

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Brembo's new logo doesn't look so new.

The automotive world is full of minor changes to logos for major brands. Remember Aston Martin's new logo? It did it twice, once on entering F1, and then again more recently with a new badge. Each was comprised of incredibly minor changes that were almost imperceptible. But Brembo, brake supplier for Formula 1, MotoGP, and hundreds of cars, just beat Aston.

Brembos can be found on almost anything, including the new Corvette, and this is the logo that'll adorn calipers everywhere. Without a side-by-side comparison, we dare you to spot the changes.

Brembo Brembo

In case you've missed it, Brembo has simply removed the strakes from the previous logo, opting for a cleaner look instead. With the logo comes a new brand identity. "Brembo's new visual identity ensures consistency between our promise and our image, powering our brand experience," says Daniele Schillaci, Brembo's CEO.

"Now it embeds the notion of simplicity, with a modern and digital soul capturing Brembo's forward-looking attitude. The new visual identity expresses both the company's heritage and its evolution and it will inspire our future," said the CEO.

Other causes for the change are based on more concrete reasons than a new look, says Brembo.


The new lettering is supposed to be "softer" in addition to being more "rounded and easier to read at any size." Brembo says it did this with digital use in mind, making the logo more obvious in small places like a brake caliper or on your phone screen. Brembo has already updated all of its online media entities with the logo, and we'll start to see the new logo on products very soon.

Brembo recently launched Sensify, its own intelligent brake-by-wire system. We chatted with the brand's North American Senior Engineering Manager Emanuele Bruletti about it in August, and Brembo says that the new logo, along with Sensify, will catapult the brand into the future.


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