New Bronco Owner Appalled At Poor Quality Of His SUV

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"I expect more from a truck that costs over $55,000."

We can't think of another vehicle that has caused quite as big a stir as the Ford Bronco. Dearborn's talented off-roader has wormed its way into the hearts of many and it's easy to see why. The retro styling is delightful and the level of personalization on offer lets you specify truly unique vehicles. What's more, it demonstrates remarkable skill when traversing the road less traveled.

With this in mind, the idea of finally receiving your dream Bronco must be a terribly exciting prospect for would-be owners. However, this experience turned out to be a nightmare for one customer whose Outer Banks Bronco failed to live up to his expectations. Posting on the Bronco6g forum, user Arnold1 described the disappointingly low levels of quality. "The quality of this truck is below any other vehicle I have ever owned. Ford quality control must be sleeping all day or [it doesn't exist.]" What makes this particularly painful is that he waited two years for his off-roader to arrive.

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Arnold1 lists several issues with the vehicle and shared pictures which can be seen below. The first thing he noticed when inspecting his brand-new off-roader was the out-of-place door trim. Even though the vehicle was sitting on the dealership lot, he notes he had to adjust it and put it back in place. Elsewhere, the front bumper trim was poorly aligned. "I thought that is only with mine but I went around and all the Broncos on the lot had this misalignment."

Worryingly, the Bronco also had a 1.5-inch-long scratch on the bumper, something that a new car should not have. The defect described as a "welding thing on the paint" looks to be the early stages of blistering paint. This often happens when the surface comes into contact with moisture before being painted. All of this, however, pales in comparison to the sorry state of the hardtop.

"I don't know what they were smoking as they decided to build it the way they did. I know they had to come up with a quick solution to clean the mess from the first generation but ... have the decency to paint it or cover it with something," he adds. Even though the Bronco is designed to be a hardcore off-roader, we have to agree - it is poorly finished and has no place in any vehicle costing $55,000.

Despite Ford's reassurances, poor-quality hardtops remain a source of frustration amongst the community. To his dismay, one owner came home to find his retro SUV filled with snow. Soft tops may not be as secure as their tin-top counterparts, but this is an issue no modern car should suffer from.

For Arnold1, what should have been an exciting moment turned into one of discontent. "This is a Bronco which has almost the same price as a Mercedes-Benz GLE ... I hope [Ford] listens and will do something about it."

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