New Bugatti Hypercar Taken To The Extreme

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It's hard to imagine Bugatti making a hypercar more hardcore than the Divo, but this render artist has done exactly that.

Bugatti makes some of the most bonkers hypercars on the planet that are not only insanely fast but also refined and luxurious. With the unveiling of the Chiron-based Divo a few months ago, however, Bugatti entered hardcore hypercar territory. With its brutal styling, sharper handling, and mind-blowing performance, it's hard to imagine Bugatti making a hypercar more extreme than the Divo. But that's exactly what this render artist has done.

Dubbed the Bugatti Type 100 in reference to some of the automaker's earlier creations, artist Hao Hu has designed a futuristic-looking new Bugatti hypercar featuring a bespoke body that incorporates the brand's familiar design hallmarks. At the front, the hypercar includes a small Bugatti horseshoe grille, slim LED headlights, a carbon fiber splitter, and copious amounts of air intakes, while the low roof and windows make the car look extremely striking.

The rear of the car looks even wilder. The back window has been replaced with a large carbon fiber component that includes a wide roof scoop and a small shark fin to improve the aerodynamics. The artist hasn't provided any potential powertrain specifications but it's probably safe to say it would be even more powerful than the Chiron, which has an 8.0-liter W16 engine producing 1,479 hp.

Development of the Chiron's successor is said to begin in 2019, but Bugatti hasn't decided if it will incorporate hybrid technology yet. In the meantime, we could see new variants of the Chiron including a convertible in the same vein as the Veyron Grand Sport.


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