New Buick Regal is Not Like Your Grandfather's Car

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Buick's 2011 Regal has taken center stage and received words of praise for its elegant yet sleek design and performance credentials. This mid-size, front-drive sedan with MacPherson strut suspension up front and a four link rear axle provides a smooth riding experience even on less than perfect roads. The newest Regal, the Regal Turbo, goes on sale in August and is eagerly anticipated.

It is powered by a force induction 2.0-liter Ecotec four that boasts 220 hp at 5300 rpm. The six-speed manual, one of GM's own transmissions, will also be available on the Turbo by November. For 2012, Buick will launch the Regal Grand Sport with a turbocharged version of the Ecotec and its main competition will be the Acura TSX sport sedan. This makes perfect sense because in Europe the TSX is rebadged as the Honda Accord and the Regal is rebadged as the Opel Insignia.

For the first time in recent years, GM truly has an offering that can go head-to-head with a well-respected foreign model.

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