New C4 Corvette Owner Crashes After Just One Week

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He also got arrested.

An already difficult year is ending on a low note for the owner of a C4 Corvette who only purchased the car a week ago. Not only is the Vette damaged and impounded, but the guy is also sitting in jail. According to, the unnamed owner's troubles began when driving on a stretch of road in North Carolina and crossed paths with the owner of a fourth-generation Chevy Camaro. The two drivers didn't know each other but, since they were already both there, figured it'd be fun to race each other.

Unfortunately for them, a State Highway Patrol trooper happened to be nearby and passed by them during their very illegal and impromptu street race.

The trooper immediately started chasing after them and the pursuit reached speeds of up to 130 mph. And then things began to go wrong. The Camaro suddenly broke down and was forced to surrender. The Corvette driver refused to stop. He didn't get much further because he crashed after running through an intersection and then hit a ditch and slammed into a guardrail and suffered rear-end damage.

Fortunately, no one was injured. However, North Carolina passed a law in 2011 called "Run and You're Done." The name is exactly what it implies. Drivers who attempt to outrun the police for any reason will see their vehicle impounded.

It could even be auctioned off with the proceeds donated to North Carolina school systems. As for the drivers, they've been charged with speeding with the intent to elude authorities. They're both now locked up in county jail awaiting a hearing to address the charges. This isn't exactly how either one intended to spend New Year's Eve.

Still, it serves them both right. Street racing, as fun as it might sound, is very dangerous and any number of things can go terribly wrong. If straight-line racing is your thing, just head to your nearest (legal) drag strip.

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