New Cadillac Commercial Resonates With Anyone Who Dislikes Politics

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It's a strange time to be alive when a large automaker takes a political stance.

In the interest of not offending any potential customers, corporations typically like to take a non-partisan approach to polarizing events taking place around the country. That makes it so the personality of the company's representative caricature we draw up in our heads comes off as artificial, like a robot that agrees with any idea we have no matter how bad. Cadillac, on the other hand, has decided to take the high road and address our nation's great divide firsthand in its latest Oscar's commercial called "Carry."

Cadillac seems to want to cast aside the ire incited when the "not my president" and "fake news" groups see each other and remind us that no matter what happens, we're all good human beings at our cores capable of lending helping hands to others….and buying Cadillacs.

The clever ad men and women managed to circumvent having Cadillac actually pick a side on any of the current topics of argument, instead reminding us that there are no sides, there is no war, and that the turmoil on the streets is just another symptom of the uncomfortable process of evolution. Evolution is something Cadillac knows a thing or two about, especially since its had to adapt agile and confidence-inspiring chassis or face a six foot deep hole in the ground and the cattle prods of angry taxpayers who managed to unite to watch General Motors burn. Thankfully that didn't happen because now the General has given us more reasons to unite thanks to the new Camaro ZL1 1LE and the potential for Cadillac SUVs that wear V badges.

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