New Cadillac CT5 Won't Be As Awesome As We Thought


Our hopes for cooler body styles have apparently been dashed.

Cadillac's all-new CT5 sedan has a lot of work ahead of it. Taking over for both the discontinued ATS sedan and soon to leave the picture CTS, the CT5 not only has bolder styling but far greater potential to help the luxury brand earn back much of its lost status. Both the ATS and CTS were noble efforts, but neither quite made the cut. The verdict is still out on the CT5 but we're hopeful. But there are two things Cadillac has no plans to do with the CT5 that was done in the past.

According to Motor1, Cadillac sources have confirmed there are no plans for a coupe or wagon variant. The ATS was also sold as a coupe and it remains on sale right now, though not for much longer. The second generation CTS – not the outgoing third-gen – was offered with a wagon body style.

Many will recall the CTS-V Wagon, a V8-powered, six-speed manual-equipped, RWD power wagon that rightly earned a solid reputation amongst enthusiasts. Sadly, CTS wagons never caught on and Cadillac dropped the body style for the redesigned model. This lesson is still being applied today, apparently. None of the Cadillac officials who confirmed the no-go status of a CT5 coupe or wagon were willing to go on record, but the CT5's chief engineer, Mike Bride, said that "as far as additional body styles we can't announce anything right now."

Perhaps Bride wants to keep the possibility open but given the popularity of crossovers and Cadillac's growing crossover lineup, a CT5 wagon wouldn't make sense. Same goes for a coupe. Traditional sedan sales have been declining in the US for a few years now, and coupes, which are even more niche, are doing worse.

Cadillac is not in a position to invest money in segments where profit is not guaranteed. However, there is one specific future CT5 variant that Cadillac neither refuses to rule out or comment on: a CT5-V. Remember, the CT5 is built on GM's Alpha platform – just like the outgoing ATS and CTS. What else utilizes this architecture? The Chevy Camaro. There are lots of performance possibilities. Still, knowing that both a coupe and wagon are already ruled out is kind of disappointing.


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