New Cadillac XT4 Crossover Will Miss One Very Important Feature

Autonomous Car

Cadillac's most advanced new system will be absent at first from the XT4.

Many consumers wrongly believe Tesla is the only company currently building self-driving cars. Tesla's Autopilot system doesn't offer full autonomy, but it was one of the most advanced systems on the—until GM stepped in. Cadillac's Super Cruise system lets drivers take their hands off the wheel while keeping the car in the center of the lane. This advanced feature can be found on the brand's flagship CT6 sedan, but Motor Authority reports the technology won't trickle down the product line.

Cadillac just rolled out its new, entry-level crossover, the 2019 XT4, at the 2018 New York Auto Show. Along with offering a new entry point into the Cadillac brand, the XT4 fixes several issues, including the Cadillac User Experience infotainment (CUE) system. Even though the XT4 looks like it will have many desirable features, it will be missing Cadillac's most advanced technology. At the launch event, Cadillac spokesman Donny Nordlicht confirmed the XT4 will not have Super Cruise at launch. Cadillac’s president, Johan de Nysschen, explained that the cost of the technology prohibits its inclusion for the time being.

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This leaves open the possibility of Super Cruise becoming an available feature later in the XT4's lifecycle. It is understandable why Super Cruise won't be available on the XT4, which starts at $35,790 with destination. Super Cruise on the CT6 is a $5,000 option, which also includes Magnetic Ride Control and four-wheel steering. Important to note, only the all-wheel-drive-only Premium Luxury starting at $66,290 can option the Super Cruise Package. Such an expensive option on a roughly $35,000 car doesn't make sense for now, but Cadillac promises the feature will come.