New Calafiore C10 Italian Hypercar Has 1,000-HP

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There's a new contender coming to the world of Italian hypercars - and it's been in development for seven years.

Italy is synonymous with supercar and hypercar manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani, to name just a few. And now there's a new contender in town. Enter newcomer Calafiore Cars, which will reveal its C10 hypercar next week after seven years of development as reported by Motor1 via Shown in a series of teasers ahead of its reveal, the mysterious hypercar was styled by Sicilian designer Luigi Calafiore and is constructed from carbon fiber, titanium, gold and aerospace aluminium.

Such extensive use of these lightweight materials has allowed the hypercar to boast an impressive power-to-weight ratio, while its advanced active aerodynamics will keep the car beautifully balanced. Combine that with an Italian-engineered V10 twin turbo engine that produces 1,000-horsepower, and the Calafiore C10 is already sounding like a serious contender in world of hypercars. From the profile sketch, the C10 appears to have a Zonda-esque shape with a removable roof, along with a front-splitter and a huge rear diffuser. The distinctive design is said to be inspired by supersonic jets and Le Mans race cars.

Inside, the two seats will be wrapped in two-tone leather upholstery displaying the company logo. Calafiore will be debuting the coveted C10 hypercar, which will be produced in limited numbers at the Top Marques Monaco 2017 on April 20 next week where David Brown's Mini Remastered will also be shown. Let's hope it's worth the seven year wait.

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